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FREE Lease Return Inspection

We Make Your Lease Return Experience More Enjoyable

Everyone loves the smell and feel of a new car; and leasing is a great way to renew that feeling every few years at a lower cost that purchasing a vehicle outright! Leasing comes with downsides as well though. While most companies allow for the "normal wear and tear" that comes with a 2-4 year use, often, many customers arrive to surrender their vehicle or trade it in only to find a laundry list of excluded items.

Things like minor scratches, windshield chips, poor interior condition and particularly Hail damage add up quick. Sometimes it can amount to thousands of dollars spent out of pocket or absorbed as negative equity into their new vehicle and cause a higher new lease payment. Especially with hail damage (even when it is light or hard to see to the untrained eye) we have seen these surprise bills anger and upset customers more times than we can count. These are costs, surprises and stress you do not have to endure!

LoneStar Auto Services and LoneStar Auto Hail Repair can take the guess work and sticker shock out of this for you. We provide a FREE 12 point inspection, complementary suggestions and even some no-cost solutions to just about any unforeseen issue before it arises to you. Best of all, we can come to you at your home or office, complete our assessment in about 20 minutes. If you know you have hail damage, we can even bring a rental directly to you, help you file the claim, pay your deductible and have your vehicle back to you; trade-in ready in just a few days. 

So why wait? Use the form below to schedule an evaluation and we will promptly respond. For more immediate service, call our office @ 833-DENT-FREE (click to call)